Puppy That Were Just 1.8 Pounds Is So Huge And Beautiful Now

A frail little puppy was discovered on the streets of Dallas, Texas. He was in bad shape and clinging to life. His health was concerning, and the Dallas Dog RRR rescuers realized they couldn’t afford to waste any time, so they opted to take him to the hospital right away.

The cub could hardly lift his head and open his eyes, and although weighing just 1.8 pounds, it was clear that he was fighting for his life.

They named the puppy Stuart and mistook him for a chihuahua due to his size, but he turned out to be a pit bull, much to everyone’s astonishment.

His health was so awful that he didn’t even resemble a pitbull puppy since he was so little and his malnutrition was so severe.

Stuart had to undergo various tests at the medical facility in order to determine which diseases he could have and how to manage his condition.