Hidden Cameras Record Wild Animals Using A Bridge To Save Their Lives

Animals as well as people are constantly at risk when crossing a highway. According to studies, around 200 persons each year are thought to pass away as a result of incidents involving animals and automobiles in the United States alone.

Because both humans and animals suffer in these kinds of tragedies, campaigners and animal lovers have worked to find ways to protect wildlife.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
The building of raised bridges has shown to be the most effective solution out of all the solutions that were offered. Your main objective is to assist the animals in across the perilous paths.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources submitted the proposal in December 2018.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
The bridge was constructed across the congested six-lane Interstate 80 roadway with the primary purpose of reducing accidents and protecting animals.

Then and only then would it be feasible to safeguard the local furry inhabitants. The flyover was therefore made available to wildlife alone.