Emotional Reunion Of A Woman With Her Dog That Was Missing For 3 Months

Because our dogs have become an integral part of our family, whatever happens to them has a significant impact on us, but most importantly, because we adore them. Sol Salum, a woman from Baha Blanca, Argentina, began her horror on October 8, 2020, when she returned home and discovered her favorite dog, Congo, was vanished.

Congo had apparently escaped from home, taking advantage of the fact that some masons working on a construction had left the entrance open.

Congo took advantage of the workers mending the front door and sprinted at full speed without waiting for them to react.

Image | Sol Salum
Sun spoke to Clarin:

“Because he runs so quickly, they couldn’t catch him.” When I returned home, the dog was vanished.

Sol was upset by the news, especially because Congo’s birthday was only a few days away, even if he had assumed it would be simple. She walked out into the streets of the city, plastering Congo cartels on every block, in quest of her dearest buddy.

Image | Sol Salum
In addition to the search strategy, he uploaded images of his pet on several social media platforms in order to help his return home.

They started calling from various phone lines and delivering information, but it wasn’t always what Sol was looking for.

Sun remarked:

“The photo was shared by almost everyone in Bahia.” They contacted me from all around, some offering assistance, some making fun ».

Image | Sol Salum
Congo had a hanging plaque with all of her data in case it was lost, so the woman assumed it was only a matter of time. She also possessed a QR code that, when scanned with her phone, displayed all of Sol’s information, including his plans to return home shortly.

Unfortunately, Sol was unable to locate Congo, and what was supposed to be a simple formality grew into three months. Sol also received information on a homeless puppy on January 20 of this year, some 102 days after Congo vanished.

Image | Sol Salum
The woman woke up normally and began sharing a photo of her missing pet, which was immediately followed by a photo of a dog that looked quite similar. This was 10 kilometers distant, and he had been there for a week, according to the report.

Sol was already tired of returning calls with no results, but she decided to visit the location to see what it was like. She drove over to the side of the road and crossed the street to a pasture where she thought her pet was, but no one was there.