A Puppy That Was Trapped In A Frozen River For Four Days, Luckily Was Able To Be Rescued And Found A Family Next To His Savior

A dog who spent four days stuck in the Detroit River before being rescued and recovering from his injuries has finally found a permanent family next to the person who saved his life.

Miracle, the little puppy, was apparently stuck in the frozen riverbed after being chased by a coyote. The weather conditions and the fragility of the ice on the river made the rescue effort extremely difficult, but they were able to save him in time.

The fluffy puppy had survived coyotes, eagles, freezing weather, and even a fall into the sea, but was still able to get back onto the ice.

Facebook/ Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter
Many people and rescuers saw what the puppy was going through, but because to the harsh circumstances in which it was discovered, no one appeared to be able to help. Fortunately, a hero on the opposite side of the river, accompanied by his kid, risked his life to save the helpless dog.

Facebook/ Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter
The Detroit River, which runs through the cities of Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, splits the boundary between Canada and the United States. The dog’s predicament was being watched on both sides of the river, and as he neared the Canadian side, Jude Mead and his son decided to intervene.

J&J Maritime, a marine construction firm based in Windsor, is co-owned by the dad and his son. Despite the danger, Jude and his collea