Dog Enters The Veterinary Clinic Alone To Ask For Help From The People Who Are There

It is obvious that when we are going through a difficult period, we want to locate someone who can assist us. And at a veterinary facility in Iguatu, Ceará, Brazil, this stray dog received the assistance he so sorely needed. One of the surveillance cameras in the institution recorded the canine, and when the assistant sees him, he recognizes the wound on his body.

The dog, who had a cut on his neck, was fortunate in that he had found the appropriate people to assist him.

“He walked in quietly and came to a halt. We didn’t comprehend at first. We glanced around to see whether he was accompanied by anyone, but we couldn’t find anyone.

Instagram/ ongviralataderaca

The NGO Vira-Lata de Raça, which wanted to aid him and cure his injuries, was also looking for the cunning little dog. However, the animal managed to escape and locate a source of assistance on its own.


According to the veterinarian, the dog’s injuries was severe and will require treatment. He is devoted to assisting the canine in making a complete recovery. Besides, his veterinarian had picked the lovely puppy.