Homeless dog refuses to leave her injured friend until they are rescued together

Betty Walter, a Houston-based animal rescuer, received a text message from a friend about a dog that had been hit by a car and was on the loose. Betty has a lot of experience with animal rescue and fostering, but she was at work at the time and didn’t have the space to take in any more dogs.

Despite this, Betty could not stop wondering about how the dog would be as the day continued, and after her shift was done, she went to the location where she was informed she was to check if she had already gotten assistance. It was just what I needed.


Allen realized Betty White was gravely harmed, so he didn’t leave her side for a second. He sat there guarding her and fighting off anyone who tried to approach her too closely.

Betty explained to The Dodo:

“There were a couple of dogs in the distance as I came to a halt, and he pursued them down.” He hurried up to me when I got out of my car to look at her… I needed to convince him that she was on her way to assist him.”

The woman was extremely cautious and went out of her way to acquire Allen’s confidence so that she might assist Betty. Her friend, who had warned her about the dog, eventually arrived to assist her in loading Betty into the car.

Allen was keeping a tight eye on Betty at this period, making sure she was safe. Betty and her companion got into Allen once they were in the car. He was obvious in his desire to accompany her; they needed to be rescued together.