A Curious Adopted Rabbit With The Fluffiest Ears Becomes A Celebrity

When it comes to getting a pet, most of us envision a dog or a cat. Molly Prottas, on the other hand, has always had a soft spot for bunnies. She is now caring for someone who is a network celebrity.

Molly Prottas
Wally is a stunning creature with enormous fuzzy ears. Wally joined the family soon after another Molly rabbit died; it had been a terrible few days for him, and he missed having a companion. He considered getting a dog for a while, but after viewing some photographs of angora rabbits, he realized he couldn’t say no.

Molly Prottas
When Wally returned home, he took a few days to get to know his new family. He used to be wary of individuals he met for the first time, but now he and Molly are entirely devoted to one other.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of these rabbits. Molly added, “You have enormous ears like clouds, and I read that they have a lovely personality.”

Molly Prottas
Wally became extremely comfortable after a few days and is now the ruler of the castle. Molly looks after his lovely fur, but she usually leaves his ears a little loose so they may appear fluffy.

What strikes Molly the most is this small boy’s remarkable ability to communicate.

“There are moments when he sits on me and smiles at me, as if he’s saying, ‘Hey, it’s me: Wally!’” Molly explains.

Molly Prottas
This amusing rabbit is now a network celebrity. Molly had never used Instagram or Facebook before, but her friends guided her through the process and explained all she needed to know. Wally now has tens of thousands of fans.

“I didn’t know anything about the networks until a few months ago,” Molly explained, “but I chose to make Wally’s travels known to the globe.”