When A Young Girl Learns She Is Getting A Puppy, She Is Completely Overwhelmed

Breanna, a sweet little girl, had been begging her parents for a dog for years. Despite the fact that her family already had a large and lovely rescue dog, the small girl insisted on getting a puppy. Breanna’s family wasn’t sure about it, but since she’s been through a lot in the last several years, her parents decided to surprise her with a lovely surprise.

For years, Breanna, a beautiful little girl, had pleaded with her parents for a dog. The young girl insisted on having a puppy despite the fact that her family already owned a huge and gorgeous rescue dog. Breanna’s family was unsure, but since she’d gone through so much in the previous several years, her parents decided to surprise her with something special.

Breanna’s mother, Jennifer Kvande, told The Dodo, “She was going to a new house, school, friends, and neighborhood, so we felt having a companion would help her integrate.” “We thought Breanna would be a fantastic doggie mom since she is such a precious person and has such a wonderful, loving heart!”

Breanna’s father pretended to have a bunch of new stuffed animals to offer her one day. He took one from the car and handed it to her before going to get the next one…

Instead, she gave Arya, her brand-new dog, to Breanna.

Breanna gasped when she first spotted Arya, and then burst into tears as she embraced her new best friend.