After Being Abandoned By Its Mother, This Very Rare White-Faced Baby Deer Was Rescued

Wild young animals cannot live in the wild without the care and protection of their mothers. They must contend with thirst, hunger, and threats from both nature and mankind. Some children are rejected by their own moms. The reason for this is that they stand out from the rest of their colony. Their skin, hair, or body patterns make them an outsider.

In this narrative, this is the case of Dragon, the newborn deer. Because of his white piebald face and belly, the fawn is exceedingly unusual. Only around 1% of deer are born this way. The lovely fawn suffered the same fate: he was abandoned by his mother. Fortunately, several caring individuals at Deer Tracks Junction, an animal farm in Cedar Springs, Michigan, discovered the deer and saved him.

Dragon found a lovely home and enjoyed many enjoyable days there. At the farm, he received genuine affection and attention from the people. The small child even became a celebrity there. Being a piebald, however, implies that portions of Dragon’s body lack color. As a result, he suffers from a variety of health issues. The young deer is unable to hear or see as well as an adult deer. He also has a compromised immune system.

In addition, predators may easily detect the white-faced fawn in the wild. The white portions of his body stand out. To live, the valuable creature must be tough.

Dragon was unable to enjoy his first birthday. Due to health issues, the lovely young deer died just a few days before his birthday. “Well, regrettably, this is an update that I never wanted to have to make,” Hilary Powell of Deer Tracks Junction said on Facebook. We lost our little Dragon despite all medical efforts.