Puppy With No Front Legs Enjoys Snuggling With Foster Father

A veterinarian suggested Nubby’s euthanasia when he was just four hours old.

The puppy’s front legs were missing when he was born. Nubby didn’t have the strength to go past the other puppies to feed, even if his mother didn’t reject him.

“He has been shoved out of the way by his siblings. He would have lived if he hadn’t been saved “Nubby’s foster mother, Lou Robinson, says The Dodo. “I brought him home with me.”

Robinson is a long-time animal rescuer outside of Houston, Texas, and the creator of Warriors Educate About Rescue, which holds seminars on how to properly care for animals and publishes a calendar showcasing Texas firemen with rescue dogs.

In other words, Nubby is in good hands.

And, more so than not, on a nice shoulder – R’s shoulder

Robinson focuses a lot of his attention on Nubby. She adores the amusing faces he makes when napping. Then he awakens, eager to play, play, play.

She fantasizes of keeping Nubby. Seeing him grow up to be a member of Warriors Educate About Rescue is a dream come true. He may educate about animal care in schools. Assist children in learning that it’s okay to be different.

Robinson is hoping for this outcome. It is going to happen.

Nubby doesn’t seem to recognize that he’s not like everyone else.

He is a wise man. He is a busy man. He’s learning to army crawl and is attempting to push off from his face to rise up onto his back legs. He appears irritated – or, as Robinson puts it, “pissed off” – because he hasn’t mastered this maneuver yet.

Nubby is already “extremely happy, needy, and rotten,” according to Robinson. “Life finds a way.”