Rooster Shows Up At Auto Shop One Day And Decides He Works There Now

It was just a normal day last summer at R and R Garage in North Carolina when a rooster randomly wandered over to the garage, and didn’t seem to have any plans to leave. The employees assumed he’d been abandoned and began feeding him leftovers from the shop fridge, but when they took a long weekend, they sort of figured he would move on to another spot.

When they all returned, though, he was still there, so they named him Earl and he’s been the shop rooster ever since.

Earl sleeps in a nearby tree at night, unless the weather is bad, and then everyone makes sure he’s safely inside for the night. Every morning, Earl eagerly greets his fellow employees as they arrive at work for the day, and he’s fallen into a daily routine around the shop that everyone has come to know and love.

“He comes running when the first guy comes in to open up for the day,” Joe Gallo, co-owner of R and R Garage, told The Dodo. “He gets his cup of scratch, then wanders the shop looking for any bugs that may be around. He gets up under all the toolboxes and workbenches looking for spiders and anything else he can find.”

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