Fox And Hedgehog Become Friends, Meet Up For Dinner Every Night

Some matches are made in heaven, as the saying goes — but this remarkable friendship was formed a bit closer to home.

Or, to be more specific, Lucy Goacher’s back garden.

Goacher lives in England where, in many parts of the country, native species like foxes have been forced to adapt to urban life. Their close proximity to humans, and perceived aloofness as scavengers, have given foxes a negative reputation with some folks.

Early on, Goacher was one of them.

“My family and I have had fox visitors for years, but like a lot of people we believed they were dangerous creatures and that they’d be a danger to our cats,” Goacher told The Dodo. “But a few years ago we realized how gentle they really are.”

Given the hardships facing foxes amidst human development in England, it’s not uncommon for people to provide food and water to these animals (and the practice is even encouraged by some wildlife officials). Two years ago, Goacher started doing just that.

Sure enough, the four foxes who frequented the area before soon became regular visitors. And in exchange, Goacher was rewarded with some stunning encounters.

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