Rescued Feral Cat Becomes The Best Cuddle Companion This Family Ever Could Have Asked For

There’s definitely a difference between feral cats and stray cats. Feral cats have either never had contact with humans, or had it diminished a long time ago.

Because of their limited, if any at all, contact with humans, feral cats often spend their whole lives not living with humans. In some communities, humans help care for feral cat colonies by trapping, spaying or neutering, and releasing cats back to their feral colonies, but sometimes a feral cat becomes a house cat.

In a remote region of the Baviaanskloof in South Africa, an emaciated and bleeding kitten was found and scooped up by the Mercers to be rehabilitated and taken care of.

Her name is McCavity but the couple affectionally call her “Weasel.”

She was small when they found her and she never really grew to be particularly large.

Speaking of the cat, David Mercer said:
“She also stayed quite wild. Preferring to explore the wide-open expanses of the Karoo Wildlife Center where she lived – instead of becoming a house cat.”Speaking of the cat, David Mercer
When David and his wife were asked to adopt her into their suburban Cape Town apartment, they had some concerns .

“We worried she might not adapt to being a ‘city cat’ and that she might not want to live surrounded by humans in such close quarters.”

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